If you are business owner, an entrepreneur or a passionate creative, you know you have something special to offer. The key is to let the people out there feel the same way about your product as you do. That is where your brand story comes in.

Your brand story is different from just plain copy writing. It is your unique story. It is your passion translated into words.
LuckyBranding can put your story in words and on paper so that you can concentrate on your business.

I can write the content for your website, the ‘about us’ and set you up for social media with a story board, content and copy.


Many business owners use all of their time on working in their business. That is great as you know best how to run the show.
Yet it is very important to also spend time on your business. To take the time to tackle problems, brainstorm, adjust course and seek inspiration.

LuckyBranding can be your sounding board, facilitating a brainstorm, kicking your ass where needed or being an extra pair of hands in the marketing department. It just depends on what you need at any certain point in time.

Get in touch with Roos on LuckyBrandingConsultancy@gmail.com